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BeatClash 2

BeatClash 2 is DallArt's first regular feature film. This sequel of mini-piece BeatClash shows you various places and introduces new characters.

Master of Xit wants to know the fate of his apprentice Goldenace. The only clue is a young member of BeatClash order named Icewalker who just prepares to take his vacation. Another Xit's apprentice - Yul - is dispatched to capture him.

TV spot

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Dark apprentice of the Xit who's
dispatched to capture Copi-Wan.

Copi-Wan Icewalker
Young and promising BeatClash Academy
student who wants to enjoy his vacation.

Sneak preview: Dec 14, 2005 / Premiere: Feb 11, 2006 (version 1)
Premiere Apr 22, 2006 (version 2) / Online May 5, 2006
Length: 19 minutes

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Written and directed by: Icewalker
Producers: Icewalker, Vitaj, Homer, Pepa
Director of photography: Vitaj
Assistant: Zleba
Post-production: Icewalker, Vitaj, Keymaster

Main cast: Pepa, Icewalker
Supporting cast: Luks, Lukasek, Zleba, Homer, Sifi

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Premiere: July 13, 2004
Length: 28 sec

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Premiere: June 28, 2005
Length: 1 min 19 sec

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Behind the scenes:

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