Join us

You are welcome to participate in making of fan-films. Even if it would be a small chunk of work, it would be appreciated with latest DallArt DVD, themed pins and expecially with our thanks.

Now, we're searching for help with Episode 3 these people:
- 3-D designer and animator
- 2-D artist for lightsaber rotoscoping and greenscreen keying


Support us

If you'd like to support us, we could use some spare Lego sets, action figures for both our work or just enjoyment. In return, we can offer you the latest DallArt DVD, themed pins and expecially our thanks. And perhaps your name in a work we use your gift for.

Actual sponsors:

- Veronika (some Lego sets, prepared for use in Last of the Gungans 2)

Link to us

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