Galaxí is a progressive line of animated short films inspired by the Star Wars that were made between 2004 and 2009. Even some videogame heroes take action here. The series is a bit similar to Star Wars Spoofs, but we've got our own ways of storytelling.

Latest Galaxí Episode:
Bounty Hunting Is a Complicated Profession
Premiere: Oct 26, 2020
4 years after the last episode of Galaxí cartoon series, Mandalorian arrives! This is the way!

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Rogue Katarn - A Star Wars Legend
Premiere: Jun 27, 2016
Who managed to steal the Death Star plans? Kyle Katarn! Who stopped the Dark Trooper Project? Kyle Katarn! Who can insult Mon Mothma without any incident? Kyle Katarn! This episode inspired by Rogue One will show you the truth ;)

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Galaxí: The Prequels
Premiere: November 21, 2013
All prequel episodes of Galaxí with new scenes and improved graphic.

Original Trailer
Premiere: Nov 11, 2003
Sneak Peek to the world of Galaxí. This old trailer contains some shots never used in any Galaxí episodes.

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