Baked at Joey's

DallArt studio presents slightly satirical series that takes place in a fictional town called Naptown. This place is known for it's racial semi-tolerance, incompetent police forces and a great deal of single fathers. Mayor election is a mainstream entertainment going live on TV and to get yourself into prison or madhouse is as easy as to put your socks on. But these socks smell bad.

Latest episode:
Joey at the Court
Premiere: May 23, 2018
You might get into trouble by making your own wine cellar. Extra-terrestrials as well...

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Older episodes:

Jan 5, 2016
First episode is about problems with immigrants that come from Naptown Rift.

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Star Wars and Jesus
Premiere: Feb 13, 2016
What does Jesus have in common with Star Wars? Perhaps more than meets the eye.

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Gay Alien
Premiere: Jan 9, 2017
Ask Joey what it's like to be extra-terrestrial.

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Divorce Sucks
Premiere: Nov 22, 2017
None of our little protagonists live in complete family. What a shame...

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