There, you will find our short films made with Lego bricks, especially from our early years (one piece per annum).

The Latest Brickfilm:
Tribute to the Skeletor Show
Premiere: Sep 18, 2012
This approx. one-minute-long brickfilm is a tribute to The Skeletor Show, wonderfully silly parody of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. Because there were no minifigures in needed colors, Icewalker had to change certain parts of characters during the post-production. Whole Skeletor, whole Swamp Guy and lingerie of Evil-Lyn.

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Older brickfilms:

Premiere: Sep 30, 2003
Our test brickfilm which describes Luke Skywalker's adventure somewhere on asteroid with breathable air where he encouters Imperial scout troopers.

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Hallway Debate
Premiere: Mar 30, 2004
Luke Skywalker is very tired from all the Jedi business, so he departs on a vacation.

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Premiere: Sep 30, 2005
Forget Master Skywalker and launch bravely into adventure at one of the Empire's meaningless outposts. But beware of Imperial Supreme Inspector.

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Last of the Gungans
Premiere: Feb 11, 2006 (Pragocon) / Mar 13, 2006 (online)
This story is about couple of bounty hunters who are dispatched to capture a Gungan upon any terms. But there's a catch. The Gungan race is on the edge of extinction...

(opens in a new window) (30 MB)

A Weird Crystal
Premiere: Mar 9, 2007
Our firts non-Star Wars brickfilm gives you a look at one of the ordinary days at the Aquanauts' HQ. Evil Aquasharks try to conquer the depths constantly. And this film is about one of their attempts...

(opens in a new window) (6,5 MB)

The Diary of Horace Wimp
Premiere: Apr 13, 2009 (private) / May 5, 2009 (online)
A music video for Electric Light Orchestra's eponymous song. It's about lonely Horace Wimp who quits his work and heads towards a new meaning of life.

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