Shaggy Outkast

Shaggy Outkast is a strip series inspired by the LucasArts' video game Jedi Outcast. You will see fearless Rebel agent and former Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn who will be accompanied by female pilot Jan Ors, mineowner Lando Calrissian, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and plenty of Imperial scum.


Animated trailer
Premiere: Mar 17, 2010
When first online, this trailer's goal was to present the comic to our YouTube viewers.

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Kyle Katarn
After he turned to the Dark Side and then cast it off, this guy decided to give up the Jedi business and to dwell on a serious work for the New Republic as a first-class agent.

Jan Ors
She likes to spoil Katarn's pleasure of action by finding simple and safe solutions. She's his personal female pilot and secret love.

This little slut in latex suit is a follower of master Desann. She's responsible for killing Jan, Kyle's beloved pilot.

Dispite his Kowakian monkey-lizardous look,
this person was fully capable of taking control
over the Imperial Remnant.

Elite soldiers equipped with the latest high-tech tools the Imperial money-box can afford.

Imperial Officers
Ultimate bad guys. Without them,
the Stormtroopers woldn't be able to change
the bulb nor defend their Imperial base.

Luke Skywalker
Leader of the Jedi Academy. To prevent strees, he sits every night by the fireplace with a mug of delicious hot cocoa.

Mon Mothma
Former president of the New Republic.
Despite her age, she still thinks she can help
the Galaxy by drinking all of it's blue milk stock.

A Reborn that has been turned to the Light Side. His goal under Katarn's supervision is to understand what it means to be a Jedi.

Picard and Riker
Captain of the starhip Enterprise and
his first officer dropped in the comic
to try raising it's popularity.

Behind the scenes:
This series ran with success over 4 years in the Czech republic as a weekly comic strip. After 2 years of it's run, we decided to translate it for the abroad audience page by page. Unfortunately, some jokes were untranslatable into the English with the original punch line. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy these extraordinary adventures of Kyle Katarn, the greatest hero of all!

You will meet some friends from Kyle's past. Dead Jedi Master Qu Rahn, Dark Jedi Jerec and even General Crix Madine. We made also some Christmas specials and few references to actual events (such were Star Wars on Blu-ray or release of Mass Effect 3.

By the way, we're considering a continuation based on the Jedi Academy videogame. Proper work should begin after release of our feature film DallArt: Episode 3.