Feature films

Our studio is focused on cartoon making. Nevertheless, we can't afford to let the potential of feature film go. From time to time, we manage to shoot some "spectacular spectacle". At this time, we are shooting our 2nd feature film - inspired by George Lucas' Revenge of the Sith.

Corrently in progress:

DallArt: Episode 3
Upcoming parody of Revenge of the Sith, third episode Star Wars.

Older films:

BeatClash (2003)
Our first official project. Actually, it cannot be considered a movie at all. Just two pals playing with lightsabers. It's here just because of illustrative reasons.

"It's a hard US action, but amusing."
- Mipix, Czech amateur FILMMAKER

BeatClash 2 (2006)
DallArt's first regular feature film. Traditional fight between Good and Evil is presented here from kind of funny point of view.

"Season's best piece."
- Milwa-Ukee, redoubtable Prague mafioso

"Whole film's well enjoyable, no disturbing errors which are common in amateur films."
- Mipix, Czech amateur FILMMAKER