Star Wars Episode III: Destruction Force

Future sexpartite series focused on the things your favourite heroes do during the ending of Clone Wars when Lucas doesn't watch. It monitors Anakin's fall to the Dark Side. Althought, more interesting things to watch are common problems of Coruscant and it's residents. Let's mention, for example, the Chancellor's unfair practices, Soda's sexual adventures or Yoda's birthday party.

At this moment, 2 parts are finished. Work on the third one has been postponed due to author's priorities.
When the work continues, we'll let you know ;)

Trailer (2007) The Future of Destruction Force (2013)

Characters in DF:
Destruction Force provides a greater space to minor characters created by Lucas and it also introduces some brand new ones.

Pepa as
Anakin Skywalker
An exuberant sucker who has got onto Jedi High Council in error. He cares more about his hairdo than about his wife.

Icewalker as
Obi-Wan Kenobi
One of the greatest Clone Wars' warriors
who is all the time busy. Although he's able
to find some coffee-time at any time.

Kubi-Wan as
Former Soda's apprentice, an excellent pilot and one of the most successfull Toydarians in the galaxy.

Dod Feinobi as
Yoda's bastard who's under his dad's close
supervision to save Yoda from paying aliments.
He likes women of all the species.

Darth Paulus as
Darth Paulus
A servant to Dark Lord Sidious.
He has to get plans for the Death Star
to the planet of Manaan.

Kubi-Wan and Dod Feinobi as
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Side money of eccentric Palpatine gained
from advertising exceeds his Supreme
Chancellor salary. Yeah, completely!

kernel32 as
Bail Organa
Senator from Alderaan who loves fast rides and money. He would really like to become a film-noir detective.

Matuna as
Mace Windu
Soda's teacher in vapaad doctrine, which
is very close to the dark side of the Force.

Dod Feinobi as
A Jedi Master and Soda's great daddy.
He's also green.

Lysandra as
Padmé Amidala
Anakin's totally normal wife.
With totally normal nightmares.

Extras to Destruction Force:
A special made for 2009's New Year.

Series of animated shorts.

A special presenting Supreme Chancellor.