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There, you can watch first two parts of Destruction Force series and all trailers to date.

Premiere: Jun 14, 2007
Length: 2 min 38 sec

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Dod's commentary:
I planned Destruction Force to be just a short tale taking place after the Revenge of the Sith. However, it has developed into more "gigantic" project.

Destruction Force: Part 1
Premiere: Dec 21, 2007 (older version Feb 11, 2006 at Pragocon)
Length: 11 min

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The first part of Destruction Force discovers some events during battle over Coruscant. You should know that Anakin and Obi-Wan were not the only Jedis sent to his rescue. And it might interest you that Supreme Chancellor hates when the bubble count is even...

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Behind the Scenes:
The first screening of Part 1 took place on February 2006 at local convention called Pragocon, the second one at Pragocon 2007. Nevertheless, yet before the second screening, we made some minor changes in the script. So, it was necessary to dub few of new lines. On top of it, Dod wasn't satisfied with look of the characters in some scenes, so he decided to redesign them a bit.

Part 2 Trailer
Premiere: Sep 12, 2008
Length: 1 min 19 sec

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Destruction Force: Part 2
Premiere: Mar 15, 2008 (Scon) / Jun 30, 2008 (online)
Length: 21 min

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Double length compared to the first part doesn't bring you just more humour. It also leaves some space to new characters such as Yoda's bastard son Soda and his pal Smurphy. It will also show you common problems of Coruscant residents, planet of Toydaria, Anakin's solution to troubles with his hairdo and one of the most important Jedi Council meetings ever.

Warning: This episode may be unsuitable for younger viewers :)

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Behind the Scenes:
In the second part, we provide more space to Toydarian Jedi pilot Smurphy - one of the main characters. In the previous part, he had only two sentences. This time, on the contrary, he shows how great warrior he really is. Another important element is the motive of Jedi power called Destruction Force, from which the title of the series is derived. Director Feinobi wanted to introduce it in the 3rd or 4th part. But later, he changed his mind because of his co-writer's advices. So, the dialogue scene with Soda and Master Windu was born.

Part 3 - Trailer 1 (A Space Odyssey)
Premiere: Jan 26, 2010
Length: 1 min 5 sec

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Part 3 - Trailer 2 (He-Man)
Premiere: Dec 25, 2010
Length: 1 min 9 sec

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