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Legacy of Destruction Force

Animated shorts made just for fun during the works on Destruction Force series. Since release of new Destruction Force content has been postponed, we release these as a kind of compensation.

Legacy of Destruction Force - Trailer
Premiere: May 8, 2013

Trailer for the series of shorts.

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Kyle Katarn
Premiere: May 13, 2013

Kyle Katarn is the most badass hero even doing nothing!

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Kyp Durron
Premiere: May 20, 2013

Meet Kyp Durron, known as a drunker and apprentice to Master Exar Kun.

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Dawson Feinobi
Premiere: May 27, 2013

Presenting custom character, a Jedi knight Dawson Feinobi. Following the steps of Katarn, he decided to get rid of Imperial Remnants (Reborns in the first place).

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Sony Larel
Premiere: June 12, 2013

Ambassador from the planet Zephyron, a brave rebel Alexandra Sony Larel.

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Premiere: June 19, 2013

Portrait of certain bounty hunter from the planet Toydaria. Forget Watto or Jedi Smurphy. These guy is interested just in when, where, who and how much for.

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Šmoulin: The Bounty Hunter
Premiere: June 26, 2013

Traler for an unfinished comic about Toydarian bounty hunter Šmoulin.

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Soda and Smurphy
Premiere: July 3, 2013

Finally, the heroes of original Destruction Force series, Jedi knights Soda and Smurphy. In this short, you can see what thesse fellas were doing during the Clone Wars.

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