Short "film" BeatClash was the starting impulse for establishing our studio. But DallArt is alive thanks to its animated films which give us an opportunity to bring our ideas to life more simply than by creating feature films with live actors. We use classical stop-motion and 2D computer animation. But now, combination of 3D and 2D computer animation is in progress.

Latest cartoon:

Palpatine's Christmas Carol
Released during Easter 2015 ;)
Enjoy our paraphrase on the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Other cartoons:

no. of episodes: 26
Galaxí is a series inspired by various scenes from Star Wars that were made between 2004 and 2009. In each mini-episode, there's a punch line that brings you to your knees.

Galaxí: The Prequels
Released in 2013
All prequel episodes of Galaxí with new scenes and improved graphic.

no. of shorts: 7
Short stop-motion films made with the popular children's toy, Lego.

Star Wars Episode III: Destruction Force
2 parts finished, 3rd part postponed
Planned sexpartite series focused on things your favourite heroes do during the ending of Clone Wars when Lucas doesn't watch. Or Disney now...

General Grievous' Christmas
This Christmas special was made for 2009's New Year. The short story takes place during the Clone Wars, that means before the Destruction Force series.

Cee-Lo Walrus: Kick You (2011)
Kubi-Wan's short animated parody, inspired by music video for Cee Lo Green's single Fuck You.