Contact: About us

We are group of people from the Czech Republic who create animated and feature films in amateur way, especially Star Wars themed. Other projects count various comics, some freeware games etc. In this section of DallArt Web Pages, you can get some information about our members, external collaborators and their work.

If you have any questions, or you'd like to join us, feel free to contact us :)

Studio members:

<ultimate founder member since 2002>
DallArt executive director, webmaster.

Authorship: BeatClash, Galaxí, Shaggy Outkast, Brickfilms, Naptown 2015, Episode 3
Other projects: Destruction Force (co-screenwriter, post-production)

Roles: Icewalker (BeatClash duology), Obi-Wan (Episode 3)
External projects:

Dawson "Dod" Feinobi
<member since 2003>
Destruction Force project leader

Authorship: Destruction Force, Last of the Gungans
Other projects: Galaxí (suggestions)

Roles: Anakin (Episode 3)
External projects: Schwarzenegger Effect, Commander & Destro (both in Czech)

<member since 2003>
Music composer, founder of KubiSoft studio

Authorship: Galaxí, STAR SPECK
Soundtracks: Destruction Force, Episode 3

Roles: Palpatine (Episode 3)
External projects: Visual strip (in Czech)

<member since 2006 (collaborator since 2004)>
Versatile fellow

Projects: BeatClash 2 (co-producer, wardrobe master)
Roles: Yul (BeatClash 2), role in Episode 3

Dubbing role: Anakin (Destruction Force)

<member since 2013 (collaborator since 2010)>
Main translator into English

Translations: naptown 2015
Corrections: almost everything else

Dubbing role: Bail Organa (Destruction Force)
External projects: oficcial translations of Star Wars novels into Czech


<collaborator since 2006>
Long-term dubbing collaborator
Role: Padmé (Episode 3, DF)
Personal project: World without Name

Darth Paulus
<honorary member since 2008 (collaborator since 2007)>
Star Wars continuity consultant
Role: Darth Paulus (DF)

<honorary member since 2007 (collaboration 2004-2007)>
Co-producer of BeatClash 2
Role: Passer-by (BeatClash 2)

<inactive member (action years 2004-2007)>
IT&T chief (retired)
Project: BeatClash 2
(producer, director of photography)